Contributing to Debian Distro Tracker

I was introduced to Linux when I joined the FOSS club of my university back in 2014. I started with Ubuntu but after a while, it seemed to be less exciting. So I started exploring other options and ended up trying Fedora, Kubuntu, Neon KDE and Linux Mint. All of them were really good, but…… Continue reading Contributing to Debian Distro Tracker

Building the Picar

Building the Picar for my undergraduate project was a fun experience. It involved learning about electrical connections, reading the documentation of various parts, soldering, cutting and a lot of trial and error. The whole process took almost a month as I had to research about the parts, and order them online. Driving system The first…… Continue reading Building the Picar

Installing realtek rtl8723be driver for Ubuntu, Debian or Fedora

I have been searching for a fix for the wifi problems in my HP Pavillion ab-028tx. It’s having a Realtek rtl8723be Wifi Card. For a long time, there was no perfect driver for this device. I tried many drivers and none of them fixed the disconnection and low wifi range problems. At last, I found…… Continue reading Installing realtek rtl8723be driver for Ubuntu, Debian or Fedora